Toyota Car Servicing Includes Fuel Injector Checks


If an engine is not using the right fuel and air mix, it simply cannot perform optimally. Whilst today’s modern fuel-injected engines with computer controls seem to be maintenance-free, that is not always the case. If the fuel injectors’ flow becomes restricted, they need to be serviced. If a new set of injectors are installed, then they should display a flow rate that is within a range of two percent of each other. If the rate differs more than this, you will have issues when you drive.

Diagnosing a Fuel Injector Problem

So, if fuel injectors get dirty, drivers also experience a gradual loss of power. In order to diagnose a fuel injector problem, mechanics use an accessory called a scan tool. This diagnostic indicator is indeed innovative as it shows whether or not the computer is readjusting the air and fuel mixture. If the computer is making a correction of over ten percent, then your fuel system requires diagnostic servicing. An engine works best when the computer does not continually intervene to make corrections in this respect.

Ways to Facilitate Cleaning

If your fuel injectors are either leaking or display a restricted flow, you can choose from one of several ways to clean them. One of these methods is adding a fuel-injector cleaning solution into the fuel tank. After you add the chemical, you will notice a difference in driveability. However, this solution can also result in clogs. That’s because the filters often become plugged up with the contaminants that are released by the cleaner.

Don’t Attempt to Clean the Injectors Yourself

You can also refer to a specialist in car service in Canberra to clean the injectors. When you have your vehicle professionally serviced, you can ensure both power and driveability. Do not attempt to clean the injectors yourself if you do not want to have to deal with other future repairs.

Avoiding a Problem with Corrosion

In order to prevent the emergence of flow-restricted injectors, it is important to use a petrol that contains fuel-cleaning detergents. Some of the additives even assist in safeguarding a fuel system against corrosion. Corrosion often develops from the sulphur in a petrol product. Harmful sulphurs can degrade certain components in the fuel tank, which can lead to a malfunction of the fuel gauge.

Does Your Vehicle Run a Bit Sluggishly?

If you make sure your fuel injectors are cleaned and well-maintained, you will see a huge difference in the operability of your Toyota or any other type of car. You simply cannot overlook having the injectors checked periodically. If you notice that your vehicle seems to run a bit sluggishly, have your fuel injectors inspected along with other parts.

Replace the Injectors as a Set

When the proper amount of fuel is circulating through the injectors, the engine can provide better fuel economy and optimum power when driving. So, if you have fuel injector servicing scheduled, you can save more money in other areas as well. Also, remember, that fuel injectors should be replaced as a set when they are switched out. Most original equipment injectors are held to a standard of a plus or minus two percent variance.