How to Create Revenue Generating Articles For Your Affiliate Website?


Getting paid for referring someone an online product is a flourishing trend these days. It’s called affiliate marketing and the industry is doing more than just good with an annual revenue of $6 billion in the States alone. The quick planning to increase the sales by affiliating between two parties is making it a mutually profitable venture for both the publishers and the advertisers. So, how is the entire thing working?

The affiliate marketing industry is content driven and thus, requires high-quality articles that has the potential to attract the audience and the prospective buyers. This helps in driving increased sales meaning, more profits. Yes, writing super articles play a crucial role in attracting the desired web traffic.

But, along with a great article you also need the best referral tracking software like LeadDyno that can help you keep track of your clicks and conversions in real-time via their mobile app and the dashboard. This amazing tool also helps you to connect to affiliates and influencers who can promote your product for you thereby, helping you acquire more conversions.

However, the primary focus should be on how to create the best articles that will help boost affiliate sales. Here’s are a few steps that can guide you to create a revenue generating article..

Finalize the Topics

Okay, so that’s the first step to developing an effective and sales-worthy article. You must know what you want to write about, before even you start. Choose the topics that you enjoy and believe in. While some are meticulous in writing stuff related to latest fashion and beauty hacks, some others may be comfortable with health or technology.

It’s always better to choose an affiliate marketing program that offers a niche that interest you and accordingly choose the topics. Create a list of the topics for instance, “how to get rid of acne overnight”, or “10 easy ways to upgrade your kitchen”, and so on. Think about the features and benefits of the product and you should be able to come up with topics in the bat of an eye.

Focus on the Merchant’s Website

The landing page of the merchant’s site is invariably better than your blog or website in terms of layout and ease of use. Therefore, you must focus on the merchant’s site than yours.  Wondering why? Well, because we are striving to sell their products and services and not ours.

Write an excellent article that focuses more on the merchant’s products and services, and that somehow links to the merchant website. But, make sure that you also highlight the benefits of their products and services so that it’s sellable and helps generate revenue.

Find the Suitable Keywords

‘Tis the time of online marketing and it would be a crime not to use the SEO techniques. Unless, you want a non-performing article lost in the ocean. Find the keywords using a free or a paid keyword finder. Google trends is one of the best places to find relevant keywords for free.

Moreover, finding the keywords and simply adding them randomly across the article will do no good to your content. So, avoid spamming your article with random keywords.

  • You need to place only as much keywords based on the length for instance, two to three in a 1000 words article should be sufficient.
  • You must also use them strategically across the article so that it does not appear forced insertion.
  • Focus on using primary and secondary keywords,
  • And use long-tail or short-tail keywords, but again, strategically.

This is one of the best ways to optimise your article. However, if you do not want to lose track of the commissions it would be wiser to use a trusted referral tracking software that would keep you updated on the customer impressions and the revenues in real-time. LeadDyno is one such affiliate software that has been proving it’s mettle in this field by contributing to the success of the affiliate marketers.

Set the Article Length

The average article reading time across the globe is said to be 1.5 minutes because readers do not have the time and patience to read long articles. So, according to the affiliate marketing experts, an article length of minimum 300 words and max 500 words.

But, if you are looking for long-term returns from the search engines your article needs to appear in the SERP for a longer duration. Also, your article must accomplish the social link-backs. For all this, your content needs to be fairly length, that is, it should run over 800 words.

Streamline your Ideas

Focus on creating an organized article with streamlined thoughts. The whole idea is to share what you know with your audience and offer them a solution with a link to the actual solution.

  • Start your article with attractive titles and headlines.
  • build the reader’s curiosity with an engrossing introduction.
  • Concentrate on the body with brief paragraphs, illustrate the topic in bullet points, use sub-headings wherever required, offer information in details, come to the solution with a physical action, and optimize the content with keywords.
  • Now summarize the topic in few statements, and add a clear recommendation with appropriate affiliate links that guides the reader to the merchant website and complete a sale.

Write Informative Content

Your article must contain useful information about the merchant’s products and services. Make sure that it is interesting enough so that the buyers are compelled to click on the affiliate link and complete a sale. To achieve the numbers, you must run a thorough research on the topic to be able to provide correct and more information to your readers.

Strategically Add Links to the Affiliate Product

You are happy that you have the affiliate links and all you need to do is to place them on the articles somehow, and earn revenue. If that was so easy, the word “marketing” wouldn’t exist! Place the links to the affiliate products strategically, but should be sparingly used.

Analyse how you can place them naturally and at the proper places like “Learn more about the health drink here”, or “I have been using this smartphone since last six months”, etc. Now make sure that you balance the article with advantages, disadvantages, features, etc. about the products or the services. You can use the link again in the conclusion or the summary of the article in the end, but make it appear natural and not as if you are forcing a sale down the reader’s throat.

Writing a good article is no rocket science if you know what goes into an effective content. While you focus on the article quality for boosted sales, make sure that you keeping a track of your sales using a reputedreferral tracking software, and there’s no stopping you from generating revenue for your affiliate website.

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