Gift Ideas for every Man in your life

Gift Ideas for every Man in your life

Most of us have had some incredible men in our lives in the shape of a teacher, father, lover, brother, friend and many more. Here is a guide to help you pick up little gifts for each one of them to convey your love and appreciation for their contribution in your life.

  1. For the Father

Create a collage of all your photographs with your father and have it framed to gift him on a special occasion. A total tear jerker, it will bring back all the fond memories you have shared with each other whether it was your first day at school or a family vacation. If you are not into the entire emotional gift thing then you can get him something that will come to his use every day. A set of excellent quality leather belt and wallet is a great idea. It will remind him of you every time he draws out that little wallet.

  1. For the Teacher

Teachers pave our way to success and some of them leave such impactful influence that they live with us for a lifetime. If you have such a teacher in your life who you would like to show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift, then head over to You can pick a classy, personalize diary and business planner in one with a nice pen. The suave leather cover can be personalized to have their name written on one corner to make it even more special. If your teacher is into fitness, then you can send them a hamper of products containing healthy treats like juices and dry fruits.

  1. For the Brother

Your brother is a friend, protector, and saviour all rolled into one. To show your love for this amazing human being you can get a gift delivered to them on any special occasion. If your brother is a chocolate lover, which most brothers are in general then send him a nice bouquet of chocolate. You can send him something that will help him build a suave formal closet like a set of tie and cufflinks. He could flaunt it every time he has an important formal event to attend. If your brother has got a new place for himself recently then you can get him some bright and kitschy cushion covers which will completely brighten up his living room. Try to pick something that goes with his personality, so if he loves travelling then you can pick a Paris themed cover or a donut themed cover if he has a sweet tooth.

  1. For the Lover

Not just on anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, you can surprise your sweetheart any day with a lovely gift. You can pick a great smelling perfume so every time he spritzes it on, he is reminded of you. If you want to up your lover’s fashion game, then gift him a T-Shirt with “Mr. Right” inscribed on it in case you did not prove the point enough. If he has a sweet tooth, then you can send him a pretty box of love themed cupcakes to make his day.

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