Which Car Brands Cost the Most to Maintain?


Everyone knows that not all cars are made with the same quality, or the same priorities in mind. People who are looking to buy an economy car will look for different characteristics than a luxury car buyer will, for example. But almost everyone would prefer to have an automobile that required less maintenance, whether it’s because of the financial cost of car replacement parts and repairs or simply the hassle of going to the garage every time something goes wrong.

Some auto brands have a reputation for being expensive to maintain, and some have even been given an undeserved reputation for being unreliable. But if cost is a priority for you when shopping for a new car, the cost of car maintenance and repairs can’t be ignored. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the car brands that are the most expensive to maintain, and also the brands that cost the least to maintain on average.

These average costs are over a 10-year period, and they include estimated cost of basic maintenance (for example, 2 oil changes per year), plus the average repair costs that owners of these brands incur.

Most expensive car brands in maintenance and repair costs

There is a pretty simple explanation for most of the cars on this list: luxury vehicles are more expensive to buy, and they have more expensive replacement parts. This explains why the majority of brands here are luxury brands:

  1. BMW, with average 10-year maintenance costs of around £15,000.
  2. Mercedes-Benz, whose average costs are around £11,000 over 10 years.
  3. Cadillac, with £10,500.
  4. Volvo, with £10,500.
  5. Audi, with £10,500.
  6. Saturn, with £10,500.
  7. Mercury, with £10,000.
  8. Pontiac, with £9,500.
  9. Chrysler, with £9,000.
  10. Dodge, with £9,000.

Cheapest car brands in maintenance and repair costs

As with the list of most expensive cars to maintain, the rationale behind the cheapest maintenance costs is simple. These car brands tend to be cheaper, so they tend to have cheaper replacement parts when something goes wrong. Here are the winners for lowest maintenance costs:

  1. Toyota, average costs over a 10-year period of £4,400.
  2. Scion (subsidiary of Toyota), maintenance costs of around £4,900.
  3. Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand), with £5,500.
  4. Honda, with £5,600.
  5. Mitsubishi, with £5,700.
  6. Mini, with £5,700.
  7. Mazda, with £5,700.
  8. Nissan, with £5,900.
  9. Volkswagen, with £6,200.
  10. Hyundai, with £6,500.

Of course, that isn’t all there is to the story. Driving style and conditions can affect your car’s individual maintenance costs, as can the regularity with which you perform basic maintenance. For the best results, drive smoothly and avoid extreme conditions. And of course, be religious about your oil changes, fluids, and tune ups. They’ll pay off in the long run.

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