Besotted in Berlin


It would be hard to argue with someone claiming that Berlin is the most historic city in recent history. The capital of Germany, it has been an important city for around 6 centuries, since it became the capital of the Margradviate of Brandenburg (1417-1701). It was at the center of the World War conflicts and today is one of the most culturally diverse and advanced cities of the world. It is a world city, playing an important role in the global economy. Berlin is also visited by millions of tourists each year, given its attractions both historic and contemporary. If you’re visiting Europe, Berlin should be definitely on your must-see list of cities. It has a lot to offer and in this article we’ll try to shorten those offerings into a compact list. If you’re thinking of buying airline miles which can be exchanged for tickets, browse the web to find Best place to buy Miles accounts. There are many website which offer great deals.

Grunewald Forest

Berlin’s largest forested area, Grunewald Forest lies to the south-west of Charlottenburg. It is a great place for a picnic, as well as a spot for relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. Walk through the woods, or take a bicycle or if you wish on horseback. If you visit during the warmer months, you can take a dip in the waters of Wannsee or Schlachtensee, both freshwater lakes. Teufelsberg is a relic from World War II, a manmade hill constructed by the Allies from the city’s rubble. It can be seen rising above the woodland.

Museum Island

Museum Island is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, which is home to 5 of the city’s most important museums in addition to other cultural attractions. It is a treasure trove of history and if you’re into the former you could virtually spend the entire day waltzing through the different museums checking out displays.


Close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte, the Fernsehturm is one of the most iconic buildings in Germany. It is the tallest structure in the country and the second tallest in the European Union. It was constructed through 1965 to 1969 by the government of the German Democratic Republic and initially intended as a display of communist power. It houses a revolving restaurant and a viewing gallery, on clear days, visibility can reach around 40 kilometers. The Fernsehturm is not to be missed during your visit to Berlin.

The Berlin Wall

Although the wall was torn down during 1990, there is a restored stretch which exists along the souther border of Wedding and Mitte. A famous attraction is Checkpoint Charlie, an east-west border control during the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie is now a tourist center, which offers a nice comprehensive history of the Wall.

In addition to these attractions, there are many other famous ones such as the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag Building and numerous others. It is recommended to search on these attractions before your trip. If you do not have enough miles to exchange for a ticket, you can buy the deficit online. Search the web for the Best place to buy Miles accounts.